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Day 0: Sunday, September 27,  2015



Session 0 at Schreinerei Pfeiffer (see Social Program)

Welcome to all DC attendees, agenda, etc.
Meet and greet: Come meet your mentor/mentee in person
Time to discuss presentations
Interactive Session with Dr. Kerstin Bach (NTNU)

20:00-22:00 Dinner at the same venue


Day 1: Monday, September 28, 2015 



Session 1

Welcome, Agenda for the day
Invited Talk Prof. Klaus-Dieter Althoff (Hildesheim University)

  • Toward a Case-Based Framework for Imitation Learning in Robotic Agents
    Tesca Fitzgerald (Mentor Joseph Kendall-Morwick)
  • Virtuosity in Computational Performance
    Callum Goddard (Mentor Barry Smyth)
10:30-11:00 Break



Presentation session 2 - Knowledge Intensive CBR

  • Workflow Adaption in Process-oriented CBR
    Gilbert Muller (Mentor Susan Craw)
  • Integrated Maintenance with Case Factories for Distributed Case-Based Reasoning Systems
    Pascal Reuss (Mentor David Leake)
  • Distributed Case-based Support for the Architectural Conceptualization Phase
    Viktor Ayzenshtadt (Mentor Stewart Massie)
 12:15-14:00  Lunch Break



Presenation Session 3 - CBR Applications

  • Support to Continuous Improvement in industrial manufacturing plants through Problem Solving methods and Case-Based Reasoning integrated
    Alvaro Camarillo (Mentors Amelie Cordier & Nirmalie Wiratunga)
  • Interactively Learning Moral Norms via Analogy
    Joseph Blass (Mentor Jean Lieber)
  • Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis for Social Recommender system
    Yoke Yie Chen (Mentor Odd Erik Gundersen)
 15:15-15:45 Break



 Presentation session 4 – Recommender Systems 

  • Opinionated Explanations of Recommendations from product reviews
    Khalil Muhammad (Mentor Sarah-Jane Delany)
  • System to design context social recommender systems
    Jose L. Jorro-Aragoneses (Mentor Cindy Marling)
  • Experience-based recommendation for a personalised 
    e-learning system
    Blessing Mbipom (Mentor Klaus-Dieter Althoff)
 17:00-19:00  Computer Cooking COntest




































Interested students should apply by JUNE 30 2015 

We have obtained some limited financial support for all DC student participants. DC student participants may register for the entire conference with a significantly reduced fee. Students who have submitted a DC contribution and who are also authors of a paper that has been accepted for the main track are provided with an extension of the registration deadline for authors until Aug 18, 2015.  Please contact the DC Chair (Nirmalie Wiratunga [contact]), if you have any questions.


Important Dates

DC participants application submission deadline - 30 June 2015

Mentor assignment – 3 July 2015

CRC submission extended deadline - 12 August 2015 (submit to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Final DC paper submission – 12 August 2015

Preliminary program coming soon! 



ICCBR-2015's 7h Annual Doctoral Consortium (DC) is designed to nurture PhD candidates by providing opportunities to explore and obtain feedback on their research, future work plans, and career objectives with senior CBR researchers, practitioners, and peers. We invite applications from students, as described below. Selected applicants will be asked to prepare and present an oral presentation at the DC. We also plan for some invited talks and/or panels from senior CBR researchers and/or practitioners at this event.



The ideal student participant is one who is at the midpoint of their candidacy, and/or has not yet received substantial feedback from the greater research community. However, all students are encouraged to apply, even if they have not yet identified their dissertation focus by the application deadline. 



Each selected participant will be assigned a mentor who will advise them on their research trajectory, writing, and presentation skills. We will facilitate participant-mentor communications prior to and during the ICCBR conference. Each participant-mentor pair will meet individually at the start of the DC event. Then, each participant will give a 15-minute presentation on their proposal, or a facet that relates to it. This will be followed by a 10-minute question/answer feedback period from the audience (consisting of mentors and fellow participants), led by their mentor. Additional social arrangements will be made to encourage interaction.


Participant Application Process

We welcome applications from PhD candidates worldwide. To apply, please submit the following materials (in 1 PDF file!) by June 30 2015 via the submission page:

  • Application Cover Page (max 1 page): This should include questions the participant may wish to discuss with their mentor, their goals for participating in the DC, and what they can offer to other DC participants. Please also include (1) the time at which you began your PhD studies, (2) your estimated graduation date, and (3) your supervisory team (if they have been selected) so we don't assign one of them as your mentor!
  • Research Summary (max 3 pages): A summary that outlines the problem(s) being addressed or your research questions, the proposed plan for research, and a description of the progress to date. This MUST be in ICCBR-2015's Springer format, with references.
  • Curriculum Vitae (max 1 page): This should describe the participant's most relevant background, experience (research, education, employment), and list any publications (please provide a link to publications page if any).
  • Dissertation Advisor Support Letter (1 page): A written communication from the participant's PhD supervisor including an assessment on the status of the research, an expected date of completion, what your supervisor hopes you would gain from participation in the ICCBR DC, and any other aspects deemed relevant.

Note: the Application Cover Page, CV, and supervisor’s support letter should each be on a separate page but in the same pdf file as the Research Summary.

Applicants will be notified on whether their Research Summary has been accepted for oral presentation at the DC and the identity of their mentors by 3rd JULY 2015. A final version of the Research Summary paper to be presented will be due on 12th August 2015. Accepted applicants are expected to commit to attending all DC activities at the conference.


Mentor Invitation

ICCBR 2015 invites senior CBR researchers to serve as mentors for the 2015 Doctoral Consortium. Mentor responsibilities will include (1) providing brief informal reviews on one or a few participant applications (as needed), (2) corresponding with an assigned DC participant prior to ICCBR 2015 (e.g., writing to them, providing feedback on a few iterations of their presentation), (3) meeting with the participant at the start of the DC, and (4) attending at least two DC presentations, including their assigned participant's presentation, thus mentors will still have ample time to attend co-scheduled events. Mentors will also lead their participant's question/answering session.

If you can serve as a mentor, please contact Nirmalie Wiratunga (
contact) directly or tick the relevant box in the registration form.

Please indicate if there are any particular areas within your research interests that we should prioritize when assigning you to applicants. 

We encourage mentors and all other ICCBR 2015 registrants to attend the DC participant presentations, participate in providing them feedback, and to attend the DC's associated social events.



  • Chair: Wiratunga Nirmalie, Robert Gordon University (contact)
  • Co-Chair: Sarah Jane Delany, Digital Media Centre @ DIT, Dublin (contact)


Program Committee

  • David Aha, Naval Research Laboratory, USA
  • Klaus-Dieter Althoff, DFKI / University of Hildesheim, Germany
  • Kerstin Bach, NTNU, Norway
  • Amelie Cordier, LIRIS, France
  • Susan Craw, The Robert Gordon University, UK
  • Odd Erik Gundersen, NTNU, Norway
  • Joseph Kendall-Morwick, Capital University, USA
  • David Leake, Indiana University, USA
  • Jean Lieber, LORIA - INRIA Lorraine, France
  • Cindy Marling, Ohio University, USA
  • Stewart Massie, The Robert Gordon University, UK
  • Stefania Montani, Università del Piemonte Orientale A. Avogadro, Italy
  • Miltos Petridis, Brighton University, UK
  • Barry Smyth, UCD, Ireland
  • David Wilson, University of North Carolina, USA


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