Getting to the Conference

The conference will be held at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften at Bad Homburg, a city close to Frankfurt am Main.

Download the Fact Sheet with travel info here.


Getting to Frankfurt am Main by Plane

The closest airport to the conference location is the Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA).

We explicitely disadvice using the Airport Frankfurt Hahn (HHN), since it is more than 1 hour by car away from Frankfurt am Main.


Getting to the Conference Location from the Airport

By public transportation:

Public transportation in Frankfurt am Main is managed by the RMV.

The RMV's Regionalbahnhof at the airport is located at Terminal 1 Level 0. You will need to purchase a ticket for ~4,55 Euro (destination code: 5101). This ticket covers your whole route from the airport to your destination Bad Homburg Bahnhof.


From the "Regionalbahnhof" you can take two different trains departing from track Regio 1:

Train S8 in the direction of "Offenbach (Main) Ost",
Train S9 in the direction of "Hanau Hauptbahnhof".

Leave the train at station "Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof".


From the "Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof" you can take one train, departing on track 104:

Train S5 in the direction of "Friedrichsdorf Bahnhof".

Leave the train at station "Bad Homburg v.d.H. Bahnhof".


The conference location is in walking distance to the Bad Homburg Bahnhof. It takes approx. 31 minutes by foot. Use this link to see the route on google maps.

You can also take a cab to the conference location. Cabs are available at the main entrance (or call 06172-21011-21012).


By car:

Rental cars can be hired at Terminal 1 (Bereich A, Airport City Mall) or Terminal 2 (Bereich D, level 2 (arrival)).

Distance: ~30km (25 minutes)

Use this link to see the route from the airport to the conference location on google maps.

Please note that the conference location does only provide a small number of parking lots. If you chose to visit the conference location by car, please be prepared to use a parking lot with cost at either:

the casino's parking garage at the Kisseleffstraße 45A, 61348 Bad Homburg or

the tennis club's parking area (Kur Royal Aktiv) at the Kisseleffstraße 45, 61348 Bad Homburg.


By cab:

A cab from the airport to the conference location will be around 45€.

Distance: ~30km (25 minutes)



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